Horoscopes For The September 2019 Full Moon in Pisces

Horoscopes For The September 2019 Full Moon in Pisces

At 9:33 p.m. on September 13, the full moon will be in magical, mystical Pisces.

With retrograde Neptune ruling this lunation, we’re receiving a steady stream of spiritual guidance…but not quite sure how to interpret it. There’s an uncanny sense that things aren’t what they seem, and we’re looking for someone or something to show us a path out of the fog. It’s unclear who or what to trust—or if we even can trust anyone besides ourselves.

Fortunately, we have the sun in Virgo shedding some light on the subject. This mutable earth sign is uniquely gifted at sorting through mixed messages and discerning fact from fantasy. Even better, it has the integrity and purity of intention to lead us in a direction that truly serves our highest good.


Both the moon and sun make harmonious aspects with Pluto at the time of this lunation. While the moon/Pluto sextile can amplify feelings of paranoia, suspicion, and self-doubt, it also shows us where we’re ready to reclaim our own inner power and authority. And the sun/Pluto trine supports us in “recycling” self-destructive habits and thoughts into more constructive, creative ones.

At this full moon, the Piscean energy of universal compassion and unconditional love can be a soothing antidote to Virgo’s overly critical, analytical tendencies. Rather than striving for perfection, we’re invited to embrace the reality of who we are… in all our perfectly imperfect glory.

Read on for your sun and rising signs to learn more about the energies of this full moon:


ARIES: Let it go, Aries! It may feel as if your efforts alone are keeping things moving forward. But the world won’t stop turning if you pause to take a breath. Don’t believe us? Just try it and see if anyone even notices.

TAURUS: Unity in diversity: Taurus, we humans are an eclectic bunch. Realistically, you’re never going to find a group of people that perfectly reflects your values, likes, and dislikes. But finding one whose interests overlap with yours? That’s easier than you think.

GEMINI: Assemble your dream team, Gemini: You may be the one with the vision, but actualizing it is going to take a lot of work. And with so many who love you, there’s no reason you should have to manage it all by yourself.

CANCER: As within, so without: Cancer, your inner life and outer reality are more connected than you realize. If one seems a little “off,” tending to the other can help correct the balance. Which daily practices or rituals make you feel more whole?

LEO: A show of good faith: Leo, that’s all the universe is waiting for! Take one simple, practical action to put your values into practice and demonstrate the sincerity of your intentions… then watch the help and support you need start flowing in.

VIRGO: Just the way you are, Virgo: You sacrifice so much in pursuit of “perfection,” but according to those who love you, you’re damn near perfect already. What would it take for you to start seeing yourself the way they see you?

LIBRA: Appearances can be deceiving, Libra. And worrying too much about the way you look or the impression you’re making can really cramp your style. Go easy on yourself, and trust that your good intentions and beautiful spirit will shine through.

SCORPIO: If not you, Scorpio, then who? Right now, there’s a need in your community that you’re uniquely qualified to meet—and the worthiness of the cause greatly outweighs any personal sacrifice or inconvenience that might be involved.

SAGITTARIUS: The fruits of your labors aren’t ripe yet, Sag, but you’re starting to see some promising signs of life. Still, there’s some more work to be done: Tend carefully to the new life that’s blooming and stay true to your original intention.

CAPRICORN: Reverse engineering: Capricorn, you may think you have to sort through all the details before you can understand the big picture. But respectfully, we disagree. Start with the big picture, then let that show you what to focus on—it’s so much more efficient!

AQUARIUS: Brains can only take you so far, Aquarius, and your intellect has done all it can with respect to your current situation. Time to call in some assistance from both the spiritual and material realms—and friends who are comfortable navigating between them.

PISCES: Be like water, Pisces: Your fluid sense of self serves you well in relationships with others whose standards may be more specific. Just be careful not to diminish yourself by accepting their criteria as the measure of your own self-worth.


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