Leo – Jupiter in Taurus Horoscope

Jupiter in Taurus is parading into your public-facing world. For the next year, your work life and public pursuits are on the receiving end of Jupiter’s bounty. While in Taurus, Jupiter wants to fill your baskets until they overflow.

To reap this harvest, the fairy godmother of the cosmos only requires you to stay open to the invitations, opportunities, and work connections that come your way.

Jupiter in Taurus will urge you to consider the ways your public facing world can also be a space of replenishment for you. Jupiter will overflow your efforts with ease and opportunity, so think bold and big about what you want to share with the world.

If luck is when preparation and opportunity meet, dig into the plans and goals that are calling you in your career. Jupiter will match (and grow) your efforts, so whatever you put in, Jupiter in Taurus will give back to you twice over. Your work is a place for you to shine radiantly over the coming months.

The more you let yourself glow, the more the blessings will flow.

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