Libra – Jupiter in Taurus Horoscope

From now until next May, Jupiter in Taurus is swooping into your collaborations. This is an extravagant banquet, a red carpet rolled out, for you and the people you collaborate with. Life is a dance of give and take, and Jupiter is here to string up a disco ball, get behind the DJ booth, and show you how life-affirming that boogie can be.

Whether you find that your co-creations are launching with more ease, or you’re getting more comfortable receiving support from your partners, this time will be generative for you. So soften your grip on your expectations and nurture your faith in things working out.

Your spaces of mutuality (from your split grocery bills to your shared business) are overflowing with opportunity, thanks to Jupiter’s presence in Taurus. So, stay attuned to the invitations, collaborations, and support that comes your way — this is where Jupiter’s blessings are waiting for you.

The more you open up to your co-creations as places of bounty and replenishment, the more you tap into the generosity that’s been there all along.

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