Leo 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

Leo 2020 February Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF FEB 2020: When the great communicator Mercury moves out of eccentric Aquarius and into shy Pisces on February 3, you notice subtle changes in the way you talk to people. You don’t usually have a problem finding ways to break the ice with strangers, but now you’re more reserved and quieter. This can work to your advantage, Leo, since you can usually find a way to work most every angle!

The emotional moon spends time in your dramatic sign on the seventh and eighth, so you’ll have no problem telling other people how you feel—about everything! You’re an open book now, and you love to get attention by any means necessary. You aren’t above exaggerating the details of a story to get a better response or more applause.

A stern Capricorn moon arrives on February 18, urging you to think about the future and put your priorities in order. “Caution” is one of the keywords of this lunation, especially if you have professional goals in mind. Anything you start incorrectly now will only compound issues later.

Power and control issues surface during the Venus-Pluto square on the twenty-eighth, but try to remember the lesson about forgiveness you learned earlier in the month. Avoid manipulative behavior, and don’t accept it from anyone else. Passive-aggressive behavior solves nothing.


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