Leo 2020 June Monthly Love Horoscope

Leo 2020 June Monthly Love Horoscope

MONTH OF JUN 2020: As your ruler sun conjoins loving Venus retrograde in Gemini on June 3, you might be stuck thinking about the past and the one who got away. You aren’t usually one to dwell on things you can’t change, but overthinking things is one of the negatives of this transit.

The impulsivity of the full moon and lunar eclipse in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the fifth is exciting, so why not live in the moment? There are consequences to your actions, as always, but they’ll probably be minimized when you realize you actually get the chance to live out a fantasy. Who could pass that up?!

A confusing Mercury retrograde cycle starting on June 17 threatens to mess up communications with someone you really like, but the damage can be minimized by using Cancer’s advanced sense of intuition. If something feels off, follow up on it.

Romantic Venus goes direct on the twenty-fourth, putting your love life back on a path toward success. You can try to start up exactly where you left off with someone before things went off track, but the vibe might not be the same. Try something new to make a good impression.