Leo 2020 March Monthly Horoscope

Leo 2020 March Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF MAR 2020: You don’t mind being called out for being a little odd or weird when Mercury pairs up with out-there Aquarius on March 4, do you, Leo? You love attention, and sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re getting it for positive or negative reasons!

The sun enters fellow fire sign Aries on the nineteenth, bringing in a month of strength and competitiveness. You love to challenge your friends to games of all kinds, and you might not be a very gracious loser. The way you see it, if you’re not first, you’re last.

Powerful Saturn also enters eccentric Aquarius on March 21, so you’re ready to end the month by fighting for the things you truly believe in. Whether you’re defending your own personal beliefs or protecting an underprivileged group at large, you’re not going to give up before you get what you want. Period and end of story.

There’s a fortunate Venus-Jupiter trine on the twenty-eighth, which can help you mend any stressful relationships. If you’re having an argument with a friend or contemplating breaking up with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or mate, think of the things that drew you together in the first place. Is a little tiff worth throwing away all the good times?