Leo 2020 May Monthly Horoscope

Leo 2020 May Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF MAY 2020: The pairing of the sun, your ruler, with talkative Mercury on May 4 makes communication your main focus. Talking about love and relationship issues gets easier during this transit because you’re able to put a lot of important things into perspective.

A Scorpio full moon on the seventh could rock your love life with its mystery and elusiveness. Getting to know someone new is difficult when you expect them to open up to you but you won’t return the favor. When playing hard to get with a current partner or lover backfires, you could come across as desperate. Avoid playing games at all costs now.

The sun enters air sign Gemini on May 20, bringing a month of flexibility and opportunity. When it comes to love, there’s no right or wrong way, Leo, and this transit helps you realize the fluidity of it all. When new or long-term relationships take a turn now, there’s no reason to panic. Lower your inhibitions and take it all in stride.

You smile when you’re reminded of a past romantic accomplishment during the sun-Saturn trine on the twenty-second, but that doesn’t mean you should move backward. It’s okay to remember the past without wanting to go back there. It’s enough to know you did the right thing at the time.