Leo December 2017 Love Horoscope

Leo December 2017 Love Horoscope

Last month opened up a powerful portal of opportunity for you regarding personal development and relationship potential. A gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your sign on August 21 screamed that it was time to honor the king or queen that you are. Most certainly, this eclipse put you on the edge of glory in some area of your life.

This month, your progress will only continue to blossom. Mars and Mercury will both pass over that same eclipse degree during the first week of December. Mercury will also turn direct on December 5 in your sign, helping you to finally communicate your plans for greatness out into the world.

With Venus in your sign until December 19, you’ll have major opportunities for romance thanks to your unparalleled magnetism. Then, a new romance can become stable or exclusive near December 12. Conversations with your lover will also inspire you near September 15.

A unique perspective from your mate will open you up to grand possibilities about your future on December 17. He or she will inspire you to become bigger, better, and more magical than you ever thought you could be. This month Leo, the world is truly your oyster. Whatever you want out of life and love are yours for the taking. Claim your throne.


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