Leo February 2022 Horoscope

Leo February 2022 Horoscope

This looks like it will be an uplifting month, Leo, with signs of progress on the horizon. It all begins with upbeat Mercury turning direct in your work and lifestyle sector on February 3. This can make quite a difference over the coming weeks as plans and projects that had to be put on ice can now begin to thaw and get moving again.

An emphasis on your sector of relating encourages togetherness and teamwork, whether this means working more closely with your partner to carve out the life you want or collaborating with a group. This month there is power in numbers.

You also seem to be very busy at work or with various tasks and projects. Dynamic Mars is powering through Capricorn, so your energy level may be high and your organizational skills very much to the fore. It looks like this could be a productive time for you.

There is also the chance of fresh opportunities and lucky breaks that are the result of the effort you’ve put in over the past weeks and months. You could form a fruitful connection with someone that might see you going into business together.

Go easy around the time of the full moon in your sign on the sixteenth, because feelings might override logic and you could make some hasty decisions. You might feel in need of attention, which could cause you to unconsciously dramatize situations and cause a stir. On the plus side, you could be the star of the show at a social evening or event.

Finally, the sun’s move into Pisces on February 18 puts the spotlight on finance, business, and deep emotional bonds. You will be very aware of what needs to be done to create positive change in these areas. All it needs is for you to get to work.