Leo July 2018 Horoscope

Leo July 2018 Horoscope

Although you might see amazing forward movement in earning potential from July 9-August 6, and even though your domestic world will continue to improve, it seems that you’re not focusing on the blessings in your life. Instead, you’ve got your mind on what’s lacking. Truthfully, it might be time for a perspective adjustment. Life is not bad these days, Leo. It’s just slow.

A Solar Eclipse on July 12 might put you on a course correction in health. The mind-body connection is nothing to laugh at. If you haven’t been taking care of yourself from the inside, then it might begin to show on the outside. Fortunately, any health-related hiccups will be addressed immediately, and you’ll certainly take them seriously. In fact, you might become more of a health nut now that Saturn and Pluto are taking up space in your 6th House of Wellness. The eclipse on July 12 will sharply oppose Pluto, reminding you that extreme measures might be necessary in order to improve a health situation. That means you might actually have to quit smoking, start exercising, or actually listen to a medical professional’s advice, Leo. It’s for your own good to swallow the medicine prescribed this month, even if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth at first.

In other news, your relationship seems stagnant and this is frustrating you endlessly. You might very much want to move forward with someone in a more committed way. Your partner, however, might require a slower pace and may feel that you’re not ready for the next level in your relationship just yet. Don’t take this as rejection — take it as a good sign! Your partner might love you and value what you have so much that he or she feels it’s best to not rush things. Still, it’s difficult for you to remain patient this July. And it might be even more difficult for you to refrain from putting your foot in your mouth and saying something you later regret. Especially after July 27 when Mercury turns direct in your sign. Oh, Leo at least you’ve been warned.


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