Leo October 2017 Horoscope

Leo October 2017 Horoscope

You may feel as if you’re on a cosmic learning curve at the beginning of October. However, don’t stress too much — by the end of the month you’ll feel brighter than the Sun.

It all begins with a testy Full Moon on October 5 that’s falling in the area of your chart connected to higher learning. This Full Moon might mark a significant turning point for you where your educational pursuits might be interrupted. This can be due to you realizing that the degree or certification you’re pursuing is a complete waste of time. You may also feel that due to work obligations you can’t really focus on your studies right now. Another possibility is that you’re trying to release a major publishing, advertising, or broadcasting project, but run into harsh resistance from your colleagues. They might insist on a better way to execute things, much to your frustration. You’ll want to growl at coworkers, but truthfully, this is one of those times when you’ll be better off conceding.

After the initial grumblings behind this Full Moon are over, however, the rest of your month will become much brighter. Venus will enter your message sector on October 14, helping to smooth over any rough edges to your words. You’ll find it’s easier to negotiate, and that your communications-related endeavors run much more smoothly. In fact, there is likely to be a dazzling opportunity in this area after the New Moon on October 19. If you’re in the sales industry, you may notice that your ambition picks up around October 22 — and so will your profit. Mars will enter your 3rd House of Communication at this time, and since Venus is already there, you’ll have fuel combined with cash flow, making you unstoppable.

In other news, after October 10, your home and family life is about to become much happier. It’s not that it wasn’t already lovely it very well may have been. It’s just that now there’s an extra special cosmic boost in this area of your life and it will continue through November 8, 2018. We’re talking about Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings. During these thirteen months he will move through your domestic 4th house adding more family bliss into your life than you ever imagined possible. Another bonus? You might move into a new living space that makes you feel on top of the world. It’ll either be an upsize to a grander place or it’ll be the kind of move that brings more peace to you. With Jupiter, it may very well be all of the above. Stay tuned!


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