Libra 2020 August Monthly Horoscope

Libra 2020 August Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF AUG 2020: With the full moon bright in Aquarius on August 3, you’ll be feeling rebellious and maybe a little bit strange. You might find yourself on a team with other power players, but you’ll still want to express your individuality. There’s a way to combine forces to make the world a better place, but it might just take a while to figure out the complicated dynamics.

Money-centric Venus enters domestic Cancer on the seventh, so a lot of your money might go into making home improvements. You’ll want the very best furnishings money can buy, like an expensive leather couch or the highest thread-count sheets. Nothing is too good for your family, especially when it comes to making them feel comfy, cozy, and well cared for.

There’s a new moon in enthusiastic Leo on August 18 that is the perfect time to get started on a creative project. When you express your artistic skills now, you’re all but guaranteeing that your talents will be in the spotlight—and stay there for some time. People are impressed by your willingness to put yourself out there!

You’ll feel your responsibilities calling when the sun leaves entertaining Leo and enters capable Virgo on the twenty-second, but you knew the fun couldn’t last forever. This is a great time to get organized around the house or office or offer your services to someone who needs help. You love to feel needed now.