Libra 2020 May Monthly Horoscope

Libra 2020 May Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF MAY 2020: The confusion arriving with the Venus-Neptune square on May 3 can be more than just a little unsettling, Libra. You pride yourself on being fair-minded and nonjudgmental, but you’re having a hard time deciphering the truth. Wait until the fog lifts to make an important decision regarding love.

When chatty Mercury floats into the airy realm of Gemini on the eleventh, your words are light and noncommittal. You’re flirty, fun, and easygoing, and you want everyone else to be the same. You aren’t interested in any heavy emotions now, because you prefer to be carefree, but you will indulge a partner who wants to talk about important relationship things—for a little while.

The sun begins traveling through Gemini’s flexible sign on May 20, so for the next month you’re willing to consider a lot of different options. Love can manifest itself in many ways, and you have no one set vision of it in your mind. When you’re willing to go where romance takes you, you have some pretty incredible adventures.

The second Venus-Neptune square of the month appears on the twentieth, making you confront and reexamine an earlier decision. Did you make the right move? Getting a second opinion helps, but in the end you have to decide what’s right for you and your love life on your own.