Libra 2021 Horoscope

Libra 2021 Horoscope

Wow, what year you really have in store for you, Libra! 2021 emphasizes your true gift of communication which highlights the more creative qualities of your sign. You might even consider turning your attention to your more artistic and altruistic expressions. As an air sign, you are in search of knowledge and you may even consider participating in a study program that will expand your understanding of various subjects.

The transit of the North Node through Gemini directs your personal magnetism towards further education, spiritual expansion, and even connects you with communities around the world. You might even consider directing your energies towards more humanitarian causes, as the presence of Saturn in Aquarius will drink your sign and connect you to multiple causes that you are most passionate about.

They are a sign of diplomacy and justice that you know won’t happen overnight. You are willing to invest the time and effort just to really get through with certain things, knowing that it is a year-round process. You might even consider volunteering with certain organizations and constantly being inspired by others’ stories as you deepen your understanding and research in your community.

One very enlightening lesson this year is the retrograde cycles of mercury, all of which are in air signs. This begins with Aquarius regression in the months of January and February, creating a turnaround time for your fifth house that will affect your children and your creative talents. Since Mercury Retrograde is asking us all to dig deeper, it is an important lesson for all of your relationships too.

You will feel more challenged by a retrograde twin cycle from May to early July. This can be a little tricky in your communication style and can create unwanted confusion. The year also brings a healing mercury that declines in your sign of Libra from late September to mid-November.

In general, the second half of the year has many activities related to questions and resolutions relating to love.