Meaning Of Cancer Sign

Meaning Of Cancer Sign

Looking like two horizontal commas, or like the claws of a crab, emotion forms the base of this cardinal sign. Individuals under this sign are extraordinarily hardworking and own a never-give-up attitude. For them the sky is the limit.

Extremely sociable, Cancerians spill out knowledge and wisdom in their talks, and hence take center stage at social gatherings. Loving and generous in nature, many seek help (mentally and financially), from a Cancerian. However, they could be moody at times, and decisions taken in a bad mood contradict their genuine caring attitude which may make them seem mysterious. They are very sensitive and protective of their loved ones. Conservative in nature, Cancerians are romantic and possess good intuitive skills. Once they set their mind on doing something, there is no stopping them and they pay no heed to anyone’s advice. Basically noble human beings, a Cancerian gets along well with Scorpios and Pisceans, but not with Sagittarians and Aquarians.



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