Meaning Of Leo Sign

Meaning Of Leo Sign

The curvy line ending with a circle represents waves, meaning the ups and downs in a Leo’s life. A Leo is bright and vivacious, just like its ruling planet and element. People born under this fixed sign are born leaders. They consistently want to lead and be the star.

Just like their animal symbol Lion, they live with the attitude that they are the king and thereby pride pours in. Leos love to seek attention. Optimistic about life, they constantly look for new avenues. Their personality and energy attract people towards them. Leos dislike taking orders from people and like to direct the people, and this makes them bossy. The saying, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’, suits them the best as they are curious to know and learn everything. They strongly believe that there is nothing impossible to do and hence have a ‘will-do attitude’ in life. Once committed, they stick through thick and thin, but rub them the wrong way, and there is no looking back. Cutting ties is as easy as knitting new ones for a Leo. Compatible with Arians and Sagittarians, a Leo is least compatible with Capricorns and Pisceans.



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