Meaning Of Libra Sign

Meaning Of Libra Sign

A cardinal sign of equilibrium, individuals born under this sign are extremely balanced, just like the weighing scales that represent this sign. Librans are the most diplomatic among all signs. They are polite, romantic, and friendly, and hence connect with people very easily.

Librans possess extreme personalities. Their extreme attitude is always a topic of debate. Sometimes they are constantly working while sometimes they tend to get so lazy that it is difficult to get work done from them. They are composed and poised one moment, but may seem fidgety the very next moment. Librans hate conflicts and choose to keep mum even in grave situations, and hence hardly lose their cool. They are quick in grasping information and often come up with innovative ideas. Logical in thinking, they rarely are at the loss of words. Pick up an argument and the person debating on both fronts ought to be a Libran. They dislike impatience and taking orders. Among all the signs, Librans are considered the most civilized. Librans share a special rapport with Geminis and Aquarians, but not with Taureans and Pisceans.



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