Meaning Of Scorpio Sign

Meaning Of Scorpio Sign

Looking like the capital letter ‘M’, with an arrow towards the end, this sign represents the sting of a Scorpion. A fixed sign, Scorpios have intuitive powers second to none, thereby knowing the deepest secrets of a person. Determination is the word that describes a Scorpio.

Bold in nature, a Scorpio is not scared of taking up challenges. Wise and mature beyond biological years, they are blunt on the face, but soft and gentle from within. Scorpios have immense patience, but the moment they lose their cool, better watch out. Two words that do not exist in their dictionary is ‘forgive’ and ‘forget’. Hence having a Scorpio foe would definitely not work wonders in anybody’s life. Highly observant and dominant, they have all capabilities in reaching the highest heights, but at the same time they may see lowest lows and yet bounce back firmly. The only sign known to be perfectly content when aloof, these individuals are the most misunderstood amongst all other signs. Scorpios are most compatible with Pisceans and Cancerians and least with people under the sign of Aries and Gemini.



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