Mercury in Sagittarius Horoscopes – December 1, 2020

Mercury in Sagittarius Horoscopes – December 1, 2020

From December 1st to 20th, Mercury will traverse impulsive and philosophical Sagittarius. Since Mercury will be in fierce Sagittarius during this time, it is important that you think before you speak. You can accidentally put your foot in your mouth and accidentally say inappropriate or hurtful words.

Curious Mercury and elusive Neptune collide on December 13th, making communication particularly confusing and nonsensical. The truth can be hard to find, which will add to your paranoia and fear.

Mercury will align itself with the South Node in Fate by December 14th (when the exact transit takes place). This will bring karmic things to light. On the same day, Mars activates Mercury by filling our words with action. On December 19th, the Sun and Mercury will align in the sky and bring the much needed clarity in all matters.

Below you can see your Mercury in the Sagittarius horoscope. Also read your rising sign.

Mercury in Sagittarius Horoscopes