Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes – December 29, 2022

Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes – December 29, 2022

If your car’s dashboard is flashing eyebrow-raising symbols, you feel like you’re constantly getting wires crossed with everyone from your S.O. to your bestie and boss, and blasts from the past have you wondering if the universe is sending you meaningful messages or just messing with you, take heart — it’s not just you. What you’re experiencing is the effect of the fourth and final (whew!) Mercury retrograde of 2022.

From December 29 to January 18, Mercury — fittingly nicknamed the trickster planet — moves backward through pragmatic cardinal earth sign Capricorn, urging you to rest, reflect, and tend to unfinished business. But even leading into and out of this period of time, the pre- and post-retrograde shadow or storm phase, you’ll feel the astrological transit’s effects on communication, transportation, and technology.

Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes


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