Taurus – Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

The planet of communication moves backward through your second house of income from May 10 to 22, which could have you reimagining a particular source of cash flow. You could be going back to the drawing board to perfect a project — or rethinking how you want to tackle your work in a bigger picture sense (like maybe moving from full-time to freelance or vice-versa). With game-changer Uranus in your sign and so closely aligning with the April 30 eclipse in your sign, this is definitely a moment to embrace shaking things up. And while Mercury moves back into your sign and first house of self where it last spent time in mid-April, you’ll be thinking about how much energy you’re giving passion projects and personal goals. While forward movement isn’t necessarily fueled by this transit, you’ll have a unique chance to re-envision, revise, and perfect your game plan. At the same time, you may be inspired to create more balance between tending between your needs and your one-on-one relationships.

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