Cancer – Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

The planet of communication begins its backward spin in your twelfth house of spirituality from May 10 to 22, which could have you feeling super-sleepy and potentially a bit unmotivated. You’ll be craving more time by yourself and more introspection. Your dreams and fantasies could get especially vivid, and keeping track — maybe by keeping a journal — can help you better pinpoint any underlying desires and emotional wounds that are most crucial to address now. And while the messenger planet moves backward through your eleventh house of networking from May 22 to June 3, you might find it’s easier to touch base with old colleagues, friends, communities, or teams you used to be a part of. Whether you’re striking up a conversation on LinkedIn about a job posting, discussing a previously-backburnered project you want to collaborate on, or taking a walk down memory lane, these moments could prove truly inspiring and make you feel more connected.

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