Virgo – Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

The messenger planet, which also happens to be your ruler, moves backward through your tenth house of career from May 10 to 22, nudging you to clarify your long-term professional goals. You might find this a particularly beneficial time to gather information, brush up an old business plan, or talk through big picture ideas with friends and colleagues. At the same time, you could feel like you’re not at all on the same page with higher-ups or key clients, which could definitely prove frustrating but may also be an opportunity for you to be more specific about your vision. And while Mercury moves through your ninth house of adventure and higher learning from the 22nd to June 3, you’ll be compelled to research and possibly act on skill-boosting or horizon-broadening experiences (like taking a yoga teacher training or booking long-distance travel) that you previously put on hold.

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