Pisces 2021 Horoscope

Pisces 2021 Horoscope

There is a difficult energy this year, Pisces. You really need to take the approach of allowing life to come as it is for your Pisces sensitive sign.

The main transit that affects your map is a series of eclipses between Gemini and Sagittarius that activate your personal tenth and fourth houses. Specifically, these are your zones for work activities and family development. Whenever you feel like you are out of control this year, one strategy that really helps you is always to follow your grounded path.

Since Uranus continues to push boundaries in Taurus, this outer planet also encounters a contradicting square with Saturn in Aquarius. This includes the element of extremes, especially in mid-February, mid-June and late December; but triggers certain events that also affect your love sign throughout the year.

Yes, this energy will challenge you on many levels, especially through your personal areas of communication and psychological development. For those Pisces who are open to their gifts, this will be extremely easy for you, and for those who have repressed your personal intuitive nature, this can feel a little overwhelming at times.

You are extremely in tune with the unseen world this year and it can feel like you can predict things before they even happen! It’s a good year working with others who support you and share your gifts too. In this fascinating year your spiritual life could even deepen.