Pisces August 2018 Horoscope

Pisces August 2018 Horoscope

Expect August to be the kind of month where you have an honest sit-down between your personality and higher self and your higher self gives your personality a real talking to. It seems as if you’ve fallen into some patterns that are just not serving your highest good. For some of you it has to do with unhealthy physical habits like eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, or even worse! You might be trying to self-medicate in some way in order to escape from the current storms in your life, or maybe just the demons in your head. Unfortunately, these habits or addictions are really pulling you under now — and it’s time for a wakeup call. The way the universe plans on providing you with one is to literally force you to a complete halt. You’ll need to re-evaluate your routine, habits, and any anger you might be holding inside about something and figure out a healthier way to free yourself from whatever pain is leading to you to veer off course with your soul’s highest good. You know what this is about. You know exactly why it started. And now, Pisces, it’s time to confront it.

Mercury and Mars will be retrograde across the mind/body/spirit axis in your chart for the first half of the month, helping you recalibrate your unhealthy thought patterns and actions in this area. You will not only succeed in making changes, but after the August 11 Solar Eclipse in your 6th House of Health and Wellness, you’ll feel a surge of optimism about implementing a much more positive regime that will serve you well. This might also be about your work life if you’ve become quite unhappy in your current job situation. By the end of the month you might be happily employed elsewhere.

Either way, a Full Moon in your sign on August 26 will become your personal renewal lunation. You’ll finally release whatever you know is no longer serving you — you’ll simply let go. And once you do, you’ll feel more empowered and closer to your higher self than you have in quite some time. August might feel a bit unsettling at first, Pisces, but keep the faith — there is definitely a joyful ending in sight.


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