Pisces December 2017 Horoscope

Pisces December 2017 Horoscope

After December 6 you might prefer to keep your romantic life under wraps. Perhaps you and your sweetheart simply crave extra privacy or alone time together. If so, this will be an ideal month to schedule a couple’s getaway to a destination that will rejuvenate your spirit while allowing you to reconnect to each other. Consider a spa weekend. If you’re single and feel that you have a few anxieties about matters of the heart to work through, this will be an ideal time to hire a therapist to help you tackle these issues.

Watch this month’s Pisces horoscope now:
On December 13, you’ll be focused on your family life. There might be news from a relative that is positive but emotionally charged. Another possibility is that you are wrapping up a real estate transaction, or packing up to move to a new home. You’ll feel a sense of fulfillment and excitement around any of these possibilities, but at the same time you’ll also feel extra sentimental.

On December 19 Mars will enter your sign and will remain in Pisces until January 29. You’ll be ready to roar! Now is the time to initiate any project that requires Herculean effort. You’ll have all the strength you need to move any mountain.


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