Pisces December 2018 Horoscope

Pisces December 2018 Horoscope

MONTH OF DEC 2018: The headaches caused by Mercury retrograde are unavoidable as it moves back into Scorpio on December 1, but your intuition also kicks into high gear. Mercury retrograde is never a picnic, but you’re armed with some pretty good weapons to help alleviate some of the minor annoyances and irritations.

Venus is in fellow water sign Scorpio on the second, which gives you courage when it comes to love. You aren’t used to making such straightforward suggestions, but right now it’s working for you. Own it, Pisces!

The moody moon enters your sensitive sign on December 13, so your emotions could be all over the place. Crying at work or in front of a crowd isn’t ideal, but if you could control it, you would. Your spare time is best spent working on creative projects or daydreaming about your happy place.

A Venus-Neptune trine on the twenty-first highlights your need to help others, making this the perfect time to take on a charity project or offer your assistance to someone who clearly needs it. People will try to repay you or offer you praise, but you shy away from recognition (especially public). Your selflessness really is its own reward.


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