Pisces November 2017 Horoscope

Pisces November 2017 Horoscope

Get ready for a mentally stimulating and fulfilling November! If you’re a writer or work in the communications industry, you might find yourself completely immersed in finishing up one particular assignment as the month begins. As early as November 4, it’s likely that you’ll be wrapping up a pet project that will leave you extremely gratified. You might also be finalizing a major agreement to begin working on a communications endeavor such as a teaching job or new column if you’re a writer. Any contract you sign during the early days of November will benefit you.

Alternatively, you might hear emotional news from one of your siblings, but if this happens don’t stress: it’s likely to be positive. Perhaps your brother or sister will be getting married, having a baby, or reaching a career milestone. Finally, you might be busy taking a short trip early in the month to a locale that allows you to unplug from life’s chaos and get away from everything that weighs down your soul. You’ll find it extremely rejuvenating. Most likely you’ll also be surrounded by nature during this getaway, making it even more perfect.

After November 7 you might receive positive news concerning a broadcasting, publishing, or advertising endeavor you’re working on. It’s also possible that an international player will come into the picture and work on your behalf to help you nab the most extraordinary opportunity. Expect major luck from this person near November 13. This might also be a blessed turn of events if you’re involved in any legal matter.

Another possibility is that your love life will begin to open up at this time, if you’re single. It’s possible that you’ll meet someone who is from another part of the world or who has a cultural or religious background that is different from yours. You’ll be instantly enamored. In fact, November 16 you might even feel as if this person is an ideal soul mate.

If you’re looking to go back to school to study for an advanced degree or to obtain a license or certification that will make you even more marketable, wait until after November 18 to begin your courses. Your penetrating mind will help you reach new heights in more ways than one.


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