Leo – Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

The energy you put out into the world is the energy you attract in return, Leo. (It may be true for everyone, but it’s especially true for you, as the sun-ruled fire sign of the zodiac.) And as this retrograde moves through your seventh house of relationships and sixth house of daily rituals, you could become increasingly aware of how a change in your everyday energy could bring new people and perspectives your way, says Marquardt.

Chances are, you need that. Pluto’s movements are here to shake you out of the everyday stagnancy you may feel, encouraging a dynamic change to a romantic, business, or platonic partnership, he adds.

It’s also possible that people from your past will come back into your life during this period—and whether or not you choose to restart a relationship with them, you have a chance to review and reassess how things once were. “This is a time of seeing your inner world reflected or mirrored through others,” says Murphy. “It’s about examining how your own habits and actions have attracted certain people and relationships, and where that has helped or hurt you.”

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