Virgo – Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

Is your cup full, Virgo? If not, it’s worth diving into the details of your routines and figuring out how they could better support your well-being. This retrograde hits your sixth house of daily rituals and health and fifth house of creativity and joy, encouraging you to pay more attention to the quality of your everyday life.

“Are you not taking the time to move your body each day? Have you been ignoring your health or skipping over your doctor’s visits? Are you working a job where the commute is so long that you’re completely zapped?” Murphy suggests asking yourself. This retrograde isn’t about overhauling everything, so much as it is finding small ways to tend to your wellness and happiness each day.

It’s especially important to take the time now to prioritize yourself—and self care—because of what’s to come, adds Murphy. “Over the next 20 years, Pluto in Aquarius is going to be really affecting your sacred work in the world and showing you how to be of service,” she says, “which is why it’s so important to figure out now what kind of everyday scaffolding or foundation you need to be able to do that.”

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