Libra – Pluto Retrograde Horoscope

Your inner child is ready to take the wheel, Libra. As this Pluto retrograde highlights your fifth house of creativity and self-expression and your fourth house of home and family, you could find yourself reflecting on the ways in which you once experienced joy as a child—and how you might revive some of that goodness in your adult life, says Murphy. This is about figuring out where you’ve “let your light become dimmed,” she says, and how to turn it back up.

It’s possible that when you go looking for childhood joy, you’ll also confront the ways in which your inner child needs to be healed, says Marquardt. The realization that you might be harboring childhood trauma isn’t about blaming your parents or anyone else, so much as it is understanding where you came from. “You can experience a creative renaissance during this retrograde that helps you feel more liberated and gleeful, but only if you’re willing to identify how you might have been restricted as a child,” he says.

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