Sagittarius 2018 November Love Horoscope

Sagittarius 2018 November Love Horoscope

MONTH OF NOV 2018: You can do whatever you set your mind to this month, Sagittarius. Eccentric Uranus retrograde visits energetic Aries on November 6, so you’re ready to get the party started in the most unusual way imaginable. Your unique style won’t be for everyone, but you can have a ton of fun with the people who get you.

Your ruler Jupiter enters your sign on the eighth, so you feel comfortable getting to know new people and experiencing new things. Love is one big adventure, and you don’t want to waste any time on insignificant details. Archers already in relationships will find happiness when they are honest and open with their partners about their restlessness and need for adventure.

Mercury is in your sign when its retrograde cycle starts on November 16, giving you a slight advantage when it comes to dealing with the unpleasant chaos and mayhem that it can cause. Your spontaneity and ability to adapt are your most admirable qualities as you deal with whatever romantic obstacles come your way.

Neptune is in Pisces when it turns direct on the twenty-fourth, so you’ll be able to rely on your intuition once again. You know those butterflies you get when you’re around someone you really like? They mean something!


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