Sagittarius 2020 July Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius 2020 July Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF JUL 2020: When the full moon and lunar eclipse rise in ambitious Capricorn on July 4, you’re anxious to get going. The problem is that it’s a much better time to finish what you’ve already started than to move on to something new. Try to be patient a little while longer while you wait for the conclusion of an important life event.

There’s a new moon on the twentieth that gives you the green light on new projects and relationships, Sagittarius, and this is where that patience pays off. Family matters should be your top priority, with home improvement projects coming in a close second. Making your loved ones feel secure is the main thing on your mind.

The sun in kindred fire sign Leo on July 22 adds the excitement to your life that you’ve been looking for, so don’t hold back. Be spontaneous and outgoing and do the things you’ve been refraining from all month. A burst of creativity at the right moment can be life-altering.

Being overly confident and/or optimistic isn’t a good idea during the Mercury-Jupiter opposition on the thirtieth, because someone or something is just waiting in the wings to tear you down. Balance is the key to riding out this energy. When you use extreme thinking, the potential is high for being way off base.