Sagittarius 2022 January Monthly Love Horoscope

Sagittarius 2022 January Monthly Love Horoscope

There’s a spiritual element to your love life as mind-expanding Jupiter, your ruler, visits psychic, ethereal Pisces this month. Connecting with a current or potential partner about religion, spirituality, or other cosmic forces brings you closer together in a way that sharing thoughts about other more mundane topics can’t.

There’s a new moon in conservative Capricorn on Jan. 2 that shows you how to go after what you want by coloring within the lines. It might be tempting to take a shortcut to love, but this lunation asks you to stay on the tried-and-true path. Certain rules and laws are there for a reason. Trying to go around them will only slow you down.

On the eleventh, there’s a Mars-Neptune square that can bring a lot of temptation your way. If you have a steady partner, being attracted to other people is natural. Just don’t act on it unless you’re ready to deal with the consequences. The same goes for single Sagittarians who are drawn to the wrong types of people now.

Aquarius becomes the independent host to the sun starting on Jan. 19, so be prepared to want to do your own thing. Whatever your status, you’re not interested in being tied down during this exploratory transit.