Saturn Retrograde for Gemini

Saturn Retrograde for Gemini

Geminis have already been here, for another four months, last year. So, they know that, having Saturn retrograde in the eight astrological house, they will have to work hard for their money. Certainly, this is not the proper time for gambling and they also shouldn’t expect any inheritance – they will not become rich overnight. Forget, also, about winning the lottery!

There is a risk for Geminis to financially depend on someone else, between April 30th and September 11th: their parents, their partner, some richer friends or relatives. Of course, this is not comfortable, financially dependence having hidden cost, starting with self-dignity and health affected by the stress. So, during this transit, Geminis must think about how to make some important steps towards financial freedom.

For some couples, it is ok to decide that they want to manage money separately. But that doesn’t mean that it is ok to hide money from your spouse. You cannot love without trusting a person. Financial infidelity us cheating, just like any other kind of infidelity.

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