Scorpio 2020 May Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio 2020 May Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF MAY 2020: Is the full moon in your sign on May 7 a time for celebration or trepidation? Maybe a little bit of both, Scorpio. Your intensity shines through this bold lunation, making your emotions big and impossible to ignore. Getting closure is a main goal now, which is hard when you simply don’t want things to end.

Your co-ruler Mars teams up with emotional Pisces on the twelfth, creating an imaginative realm in which to explore your innermost thoughts and feelings. You might want to press someone to tell you how they feel, but love and aggression don’t pair well together now.

The sun prepares to spend a month in airy Gemini, starting on May 20, giving you time to be a little less intense and a little more chill. You aren’t usually the easygoing type when it comes to love, but seeing things from a different perspective now helps you realize your shortcomings.

When communicative Mercury joins Cancer’s calm and quiet world on the twenty-eighth, it’s a time to express how you’re really feeling. If you’ve been wearing a mask around someone you like or love lately, try lowering it a bit. Exposing your true feelings isn’t easy, but it can be life altering now.