Scorpio December 2017 Horoscope

Scorpio December 2017 Horoscope

Your domestic life will be bustling this month. Perhaps you’re starting a major renovation. If so, you’ll find the perfect contractors for your project. After December 7 you might start spending extra cash around your house because of the overhaul. Do your best not to overextend your budget even though you will likely be tempted. You might also find yourself spending money on electrical work or electrical appliances/gadgets during this time.

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In matters of the heart, if you and your sweetie have been getting serious with each other, you might have a discussion this month that leads to the two of you deciding to move in together. Another possibility is that you will introduce your new love to your family for the first time this month. Holiday celebrations should be extra special. You might even consider hosting at least one holiday party at your place!
On December 13 you might be busy wrapping up a financial matter that has been irking you. This could be anything from paying off a significant loan to getting your bookkeeping in order in preparation for tax season.

On December 19 Mercury will turn retrograde through your 3rd House of Communication. Until January 8, you’ll want to steer clear of signing contracts or making new decisions. Revise existing writing projects, reconsider ideas and goals, and exercise extra patience during conversations with others.


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