Scorpio September 2018 Horoscope

Scorpio September 2018 Horoscope

Things haven’t been easy for you at home this summer. Mars, the planet of assertive drive, has been traveling retrograde mainly in your domestic sector since June 26, leaving you feeling as if you have absolutely no power to make the changes you want in your family or living situation. Mars did turn direct on August 27, but it will be after September 10 that you begin to feel as if you finally have the courage, stamina, and motivation to make things happen in this area of your life.

Most likely, there has been a cold war going on between you and at least one relative. Whatever your disagreement has been about, it was even more frustrating because neither one of you knew how to navigate past it. So instead, you each sat and stewed about it in your own separate corner. This only made things more contentious and it’s possible that at the end of August, there was a blow up. Fortunately, this month you’ll have the wherewithal to figure out how you and your relative can move past this once and for all. You’ll have the courage to fight if necessary, but you’ll also have the discipline to fight fairly.

In fact, you can add a touch of grace to that statement thanks to Venus moving in your sign on September 9. Venus in Scorpio will make you more charming, magnetic, and receptive — qualities that can go a long way toward improving existing relationships. As an aside, if you’re single, this will be a beautifully supportive time to meet a new love interest. A first date where conversation seems to last for hours is possible near September 12.

This September you’ll also feel like your social life is becoming more fulfilling. It’s possible that you’ll meet up with some colleagues after work for drinks and suddenly realize that you have more in common besides your job. After September 9 you might forge a genuine friendship with at least one of your coworkers. This will be helpful if you’re having a difficult time at the office at the end of the month. On the 24th a tense Full Moon in your work sector might have you feeling insecure about an assignment. Your boss might have outright criticized your performance, or you might not feel as competent as usual to deliver the quality of work expected of you. Draw support from your colleagues at this time especially the ones you can truly call friends.


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