Scorpio September 2018 Love Horoscope

Scorpio September 2018 Love Horoscope

Make a promise to yourself to take advantage of all romantic opportunities this month. The first chance comes when communicative Mercury enters practical Virgo on September 5, giving you an analytical outlook on love. This is a contrast to your normally deep emotional view, but it helps you get your point across effectively and efficiently.

Love-centric Venus spends time in your sign beginning on the ninth, at which point passion returns with a vengeance. And, actually, vengeance could play a role here, as you do have a well-known tendency to get jealous and seek payback on exes who’ve done you wrong! But the more positive side of this transit brings some very sensual and enjoyable moments for you and a partner or new romantic prospect.

A lucky Jupiter-Pluto retrograde sextile on September 12 shows you the full extent of love’s possibilities, but you might not be ready to set things in motion quite yet. And that’s okay. You’re very good at being patient, so wait to make your next move if there’s any hesitation.

A very influential sun-Mars trine on the twenty-seventh brings deeper understanding about what’s making you act a certain way toward a partner or lover, and this valuable insight can be extremely eye-opening. Self-awareness is a great first step toward a more fulfilling love life.


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