Sun in Virgo Season Horoscopes

Sun in Virgo Season Horoscopes

On August 22, 2022 we enter Virgo season, and we do this on the tail end of the Sun in Leo. For some, this may mean a drain in power; for others, the refreshing vibe of Virgo Sun feels so much more directed and focused; we feel like we’ve finally got a grasp on what to do with all of that energy.

Leo may have revved up our need for attention, but it also left us feeling unsatisfied and ready for more. Virgo comes in to pick up the pieces and point us in the direction of success.

Virgo is a tricky sign, and its influence can be both magnificent and dangerous; dangerous because we tend to be a little too nit-picky during this time, which allows us to say what’s on our minds when perhaps we should just keep it to ourselves.

The magnificent part about Virgo is that it encourages us to be social, orderly, and well-planned; we don’t want to blow it. We don’t want to make mistakes and we don’t want to waste our precious time.

This is the season where we are strict on ourselves and on others, and that can be a great thing or a terrible thing, depending on how we go about it.

Another great attribute that we will get from Virgo Sun is that, if we’ve been putting something off, we will no longer let that thing wag in the breeze; we will tend to it. In fact, we will tend to all of our outstanding activities.