Taurus 2019 Horoscope Overview

Taurus 2019 Horoscope Overview

Fasten your seatbelt, Taurus, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

On March 6, Uranus charges into your sign like a bull in a china shop—and he’ll be there shaking things up for the next seven years.

Chaos, upheaval, radical change—we know these aren’t your favorite words to hear. But in a way, Taurus, you’re better equipped than anyone to ride out this transit with ease. After all, no matter what happens, you always seem to keep your feet on the ground and take it in stride.

And that’s good, because when Uranus moves through a sign, he leaves no stone unturned! The shakeups reverberate through all areas of life: your way of approaching situations, your sense of purpose, your appearance, even your health.

With Uranus retrograde from August 11 until January of next year, many of the changes will be happening on an inner level at first. Rest assured, though, by the time he’s done with you in 2026, you may barely recognize yourself!

Uranus ends the year with a trine to Jupiter on December 15 (shortly after Jupiter enters Capricorn). By then, you should be feeling more optimistic about the changes unfolding in your life, and have a better idea of where they’re ultimately leading you. Rewards may appear at this time, if you’ve been a willing and conscious participant in the process.

And that’s the key to surviving—and thriving—with Uranus in your sign: working with the forces of change, not against them.

If you want to be proactive about change in 2019, your own belief systems and thoughts are a great place to start. The moon’s South Node in Capricorn makes it easy to fall back on old, limiting beliefs and punishing self-talk—so be on the lookout for negativity masquerading as “realism.”

We know you’re tougher than the rest, Taurus, but with the North Node in Cancer, you may want to try a little tenderness instead. After all, with Uranus putting you through so many ups and downs, you may be feeling a little extra fragile—so handle yourself with care!


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