Taurus 2022 January Monthly Love Horoscope

Taurus 2022 January Monthly Love Horoscope

A new year, a fresh start, right? Unfortunately, with your beautiful ruler Venus retrograde in limiting Capricorn early this month, you might not be feeling all that romantically inspired. Just be patient, Taurus. Good things are ahead once you get through this rather glum phase.

There’s a new moon to look forward to on Jan. 2, and, even though this lunation is also accompanied by serious Capricorn, it helps you get to work on some important love goals. Did you set any New Year’s resolutions? Because if you did, it’s time to get to work on them. If not, think of where you’d like to be in a year, and write down your thoughts to begin manifesting something good in the future.

The fifth brings a Venus-Neptune sextile that helps an existing relationship move to the next level or brings someone new into your life. Believing in your romantic daydreams has a powerful effect now. If you can dream it, the universe will help you achieve it by using this helpful aspect as a tool.

Rebellious Uranus leaves its retrograde cycle while in your sign on Jan. 18, giving you some different options than you’ve had in the past few months. This can be a scary, somewhat nerve-wracking transit that challenges your beliefs, but what’s wrong with that? It wouldn’t hurt you to leave love’s comfort zone once in a while.