Taurus December 2018 Love Horoscope

Taurus December 2018 Love Horoscope

MONTH OF DEC 2018: Mercury retrograde backs into intense Scorpio on December 1, disrupting your romantic overtures and making you question some of your past decisions. Use your intuition to make better choices going forward.

Your power planet Venus enters emotional Scorpio on the second, so you’ll exude an irrefutable sexual energy. This combo gives off an extremely intense vibe that will attract a lot of different types of people to you. What will you do with the ball once it’s in your court?

A new and adventurous Sagittarius moon on December 7 makes sure fun is a priority, which might include traveling. Meeting someone exotic is a strong possibility, but do you really want to get into a long-distance relationship? Have some fun, Taurus, but remember that some things aren’t meant to last.

The Venus-Neptune trine on the twenty-first produces some stress, but it’s your choice how you react to it. If someone’s goal is to create drama in your love life, they can’t if you don’t let them.

Having someone to spend time with is your goal during the Venus-Pluto sextile on December 28, but not in a superficial way. You’re looking for a partner in every sense of the word. Don’t settle for less.


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