Venus in Cancer Horoscopes – May 7, 2023

Venus in Cancer Horoscopes – May 7, 2023

When Venus nestles into sentimental Cancer from May 7 to June 5, you’ll want to hold hands, write love notes and hug people for at least 20 oxytocin-releasing seconds. Awww!

The most hardened hearts soften when the planet of love, beauty, relationships and pleasure slips into home-sweet-home Cancer this May 7. With Venus’s copilot, lusty Mars, riding shotgun through Crabville until May 20, home is where the heart AND the heat will be found!

What does the 2023 Venus in Cancer transit mean for my relationships?

Coupled? If you needed the incentive to serve breakfast in bed on that adorable vintage silver tray you thrifted, hello, Venus in Cancer! While you’re at it, break out the letterpress cards and your favorite set of pens and get to work on a non-digital love letter. Romantic gestures should skew sentimental if you want to hit the mark for the coming few weeks. Creating a closer connection could lead to trading keys, apartment shopping or even adding a new member to the family (pets count!).

Single? You might feel especially shy or sensitive when meeting new people between May 7 and June 5. A workaround? Let your inner circle make introductions. This doesn’t have to be obvious. Just start showing up at all the places they invite you to. The intimate vibes could help you make a genuine, heartfelt connection.

So what does Venus in Cancer have to say about your love life? Read on for our advice, by zodiac sign, for how to home in on the vibes (get it?) of the month-long Venus in Cancer transit.

Venus in Cancer Horoscopes


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