Venus in Scorpio Horoscopes – October 23, 2022

Venus in Scorpio Horoscopes – October 23, 2022

Venus in Scorpio trades charm for all things risqué

Venus enters Scorpio on October 23rd, trading the charm and roses of Libra season for a winning scowl. Traditionally speaking, Scorpio is Venus’ sign of detriment, which means its natural drives (to foster love and beauty) get muffled. It’s not that Venus in Scorpio isn’t loving or beautiful, but it refuses to play by the etiquette guide of Libra, the sign Venus has just passed through. Venus in Scorpio prefers risqué jokes and vampire aesthetic, thank you very much.

Surface level chit-chat doesn’t amuse with this placement. Venus in Scorpio wants you to tunnel to the deepest core of intimacy. How? By trusting that body-level desires are messages from the soul. To woo this Venus to your side, ask deeper questions. Take emotional risks. Uncover the intimacy that can only emerge when two mysteries collide. The type of relationships summoned through this witchery? Soulmates.

Your Venus in Scorpio horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and Sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates for you. Take what works and leave the rest. If you’d like to share this work, please credit the source and provide a link to this post or our website. Thank you for your support and for spreading this work around. We really appreciate it — and you.

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