Virgo 2019 November Monthly Horoscope

Virgo 2019 November Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF NOV 2019: When competitive Mars squares off with transformational Pluto on November 5, you have some serious decisions to make, Virgo. If you opt to play it safe, you might miss an important opportunity. If you put it all on the line, there will be inevitable power struggles as you go up against your competitors. Take whichever path lets you sleep better at night.

The Taurus full moon on the twelfth brings out your conservative qualities, so you won’t want to rock the boat much now. The Bull is a fellow earth sign, so getting things done efficiently and effectively will be the main objective during this lunation.

Mercury, your home planet, goes direct in your own logical sign on November 20, which is like music to your ears. You can finally rest assured that all the technological glitches, travel hiccups, and communication snafus you experienced during the retrograde will start to turn around for the better. Everything’s not perfect, but there’s so much less to criticize.

The Sagittarius new moon on the twenty-sixth gives you hope for the future and encourages you to learn new things. Visit the library, take a class, or travel to a new place. Your mind is like a sponge now. You’re able to soak up an incredible amount of knowledge everywhere you go.


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