Virgo 2019 October Monthly Horoscope

Virgo 2019 October Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF OCT 2019: When communicative Mercury, your home planet, links up with secretive Scorpio on October 3, keeping things to yourself will be a more attractive option than blabbing your business to the world. It’s tempting to spill a juicy secret, but you’re more loyal than that.

Romantic Venus enters passionate Scorpio on the eighth, giving your love life a boost. Trust and honesty are two of the most important things to you now, and they must be present before you’re intimate with anyone.

A fabulous Mercury-Saturn sextile on October 14 gives you clear thinking, making this the perfect time to organize things, catch up on cleaning, or take care of projects you’ve been putting off. You can get your work done in half the time it would take you on other days. Don’t waste it!

An inhibiting Mars-Saturn square on the twenty-seventh can bring rejection and setbacks when and where you least expect them. You might not be equipped to deal with certain bad news now, but you’ll find a way to get through it using your logical, practical ways. You usually do.


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