Weekly Love Horoscope Overview 11 – 17 May

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview 11 – 17 May

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: The beginning of this week won’t go down in history as the most romantic time of your life, but you can get a lot done in other important areas. If you’re feeling emotional, find some catharsis maybe watching a movie or through some symbolic housecleaning. Your luck in love changes for the better about Thursday, just in time for the weekend, and things look sweet through Saturday. Make hay while the sun shines, as they say. The rest of the weekend, take your time and do something nice for a friend.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: Communication is spot-on at the beginning of the week, especially communication about emotions. Singletons, stop being shy. The stars are looking to reward your boldness. The coupled up, too, are likely to get unexpectedly lovely responses to heartfelt statements. Things grind to a halt on Thursday. Your challenge in the romantic realm now is to let go of your expectations, as well as a little stubbornness. But look for things to start going very much your way soon.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: If you’re not in your most lovey-dovey mood at the week’s outset, maybe it’s because your mind’s busy working away on something important. Give your thoughts and feelings time to clarify. By midweek, you’ll be back in fine fettle. What’s sexiest on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday is someone who can tantalize your brain. As for your best tactic, it’s saying what you mean and meaning what you say—call it hot honesty. Devote the rest of the weekend to everyday stuff. Any big, emotional interactions can (and should) wait.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: The stars have a pretty good week lined up for you when it comes to romance, so open your heart and let love in. Monday through Wednesday, it’s all about fresh starts or new innovations in existing relationships. Don’t fear change. It’s definitely good now. You’re oddly impulsive toward the end of the week, but again, it’s a good thing. Love’s like a multiple-choice test. Even if you don’t know the answer, your first guess is likely correct. This weekend, you feel very connected to others.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: You’re not so stronghearted at the beginning of the week. In fact, you’re practically meek, and a tiny bit sensitive to boot. Instead of letting your feelings get inadvertently hurt, ask others for a little extra loving. And fear not. You’re roaring back into top form by Thursday, inspiring all sorts of interest and gaining all sorts of admirers. Write your own ticket when it comes to romance now. Sometime on Saturday, you tone it down a bit. Sure, you’re still charming. It’s just a bit more measured. Something’s on your mind. Work it out.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: Shove romance to the side at the beginning of the week and make room for catching up with friends. There’s nothing like a reminder of who you really are and making fun of yourself while you’re at it. There’s tons of activity by Thursday, maybe too much for you to assimilate. Stay flexible. It’ll sort itself out soon. By Saturday, the stars kick off a couple wonderful days for you. If romance is what you want, make it a priority. You can achieve anything you put your mind (and heart) to.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: Your usual heart-mind balance is thrown all out of whack at the beginning of the week, and your emotions commandeer the driver’s seat (and possibly drive you crazy). Take deep breaths, and take joy in the little things until Thursday, when everything becomes much brighter. Someone looks to you now for some love advice, and you’ve got exactly what they need. It’s prime time for love all the way through the weekend, with relationships favored on Saturday and Sunday, in particular. You’re a great listener, and someone very much appreciates it.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: Your ESP-like intuition is turned up high at the beginning of the week, as is your drive to get exactly what you want. It’s a combination that makes you uniquely suited to slaying hearts, or at least one heart in particular. Go for it. On Thursday and Friday, some work stress pays a visit. If it tries to overstep its bounds into other areas, shove it firmly back across the threshold. The weekend doesn’t look burning hot, but it does look very sweet in myriad little ways. Bury your nose deep in the roses.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: You say po-tay-to, they say po-tah-to at the beginning of the week, and even such little differences are prompting big questions. Pursue the dialogue. Deeper issues need to be resolved for your heart to feel comfy with this. After Wednesday, though, you’re feeling fabulous, and the world is basking in your glow. If you want devotion now, you’ve got it. If you want to be free to roam, expect to leave a trail of crushed individuals behind you. On Saturday and Sunday, settle down for some time by yourself.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: You’re focused intently on one person at the beginning of the week, and it looks like you’ve got your heart set on something in particular. Change is in the air, though, so it may not come in exactly the form you’re envisioning. But heck, it could be even better. Be careful to put your own interests first on Thursday and Friday. This doesn’t equate to being selfish, just making sure your needs are met. Trust could be an issue now. This weekend, however, everything’s brighter in the realm of romance. Connections are strong and your heart is sturdy.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: It’s only natural to have strong feelings about matters of the heart, but at the beginning of the week you could get a little carried away by your emotions. Don’t abandon your regular routine. And get some exercise to relieve stress. A friend can also offer some perspective. On Thursday or Friday, expect a much-needed romantic revelation, the kind that sparks your mind and frees your heart. Those in relationships find creative solutions to fulfill everybody’s needs. Pay attention to the details this weekend. They tell a story that’s more important than the big events, a story your heart needs to hear.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAY 11, 2020: The weekend’s long been the traditional time for romance, but you don’t feel traditional. Monday through Wednesday could be hot for you, so plan accordingly. The coupled-up should hide out together, while singletons find much appreciation and adoration. Tone it down on Thursday and Friday. Getting involved in any romantic drama (your own or others’) just isn’t a good idea now. This weekend, it’s time to stop analyzing and take a risk. Why not just voice your feelings? Love’s nothing if not bold.