Weekly Love Horoscope Overview 9 – 15 March

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview 9 – 15 March

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: Monday and Tuesday you’re bringing your sometimes hidden organizational talents out into the light. A major mess needs some attention and someone decides you’d be a good person for this project. You wouldn’t normally be up for it but someone cute is watching you. Wednesday and Thursday, turn your charm on this person and see if you can’t get them to agree to a coffee sometime. Friday through Sunday almost nothing worthwhile happens on the romantic front, although there’s plenty of sitting around, eating cereal and watching TV — which is sort of great in its way.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: Monday and Tuesday are romantic. That feeling inside you — that weird mix of excitement and nervousness and flattery and animal magnetism — is like nothing else. You can’t tell if this person is as into this as you are, but try not to think about that, try not to get too meta at this point. Just, like, do something interesting together. Wednesday and Thursday you aren’t running around on romantic adventures with you-know-who but you’re certainly thinking about them the whole time. Friday through Sunday, you have some intense visions of a future with this person.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: Monday and Tuesday you say something perfectly clear to a member of your family and your words get mangled beyond belief. While the cynical part of you would like to blame this misunderstanding on the bullheadedness of your family, miscommunication is in the stars. Then Wednesday and Thursday come around and everything changes: love is suddenly front and center (woo-hoo!) and communication is easier than it’s ever been (you communicate without even having to form words). Friday through Sunday you feel yourself embarking on a new adventure. Maybe it’s this romantic thing.

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: It’s weird how many small pieces fall into place on Monday and Tuesday — not to mention how many phone calls you get from people you haven’t heard from in a while. They’re most likely people you don’t have any particular urgent news for but you love hearing from them nonetheless. Wednesday and Thursday, you’d like to get your life in order around the house, but for some reason that’s a lot harder. Friday through Sunday, you’d like to hit the town and try to meet someone, but you’re feeling a little cranky. A little homebody-ish. You should probably stay in and pamper yourself.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: The big days this week, romance-wise, are Wednesday and Thursday. Monday and Tuesday are entirely about money and plans and, well, anything else that can be quantified or presented in a spreadsheet. Then come Wednesday and Thursday, which have a wonky/nerdy vibe but nonetheless trigger some deep, wild curiosity. Maybe you meet someone at a computer store. Or at a cocktail party for an accounting firm. Or maybe at a party, but they happen to have a pencil behind an ear. Friday through Sunday, let your intuition tell you how to proceed.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: Monday and Tuesday you are like a cartoon version of your best self, tidying up and feeling good at the sight of a clean desktop, a clean kitchen, a checked-off to-do list. It’s funny (and a little insane) how much your happiness is tied to things being in order. And it’s funny how much confidence it gives you: Wednesday and Thursday, you’re able to make serious inroads vis-a-vis you-know-who. (A long-standing crush.) Friday through Sunday you are watching their every gesture, reading into their every text message, trying to interpret the subtext.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: You say almost nothing on Monday and Tuesday because you spend every waking moment listening to other people talk. How you became the receptacle for everyone else’s hopes and dreams you’re not sure, but it’s flattering that people feel like they can come to you with their most personal thoughts. Wednesday and Thursday, the stars align for some more romantic conversations — surface-level chatting, sure, but not the annoying kind. Not at all. You walk away from a bit of small talk with your heart beating madly. Whoa! Romantic intrigue! Friday through Sunday are, alas, romantically uneventful.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: There’s no secret to your mood on Monday and Tuesday: you’re in touch with your friends, you recently came into possession of a thrilling secret and you have enough time to look into the near future and plan for it. No wonder you feel so good, so settled, so at peace. Wednesday and Thursday — well, not so much with the good and settled and at peace. Emotionally, you’re basically on a raft in a tsunami. The middle of a week is like that sometimes. Friday through Sunday, you’re in calm waters again and someone cute is paddling toward you. Yeah, they’re definitely coming toward you.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: You find authority a difficult thing to wrap your head around on Monday and Tuesday. You don’t like it when others flaunt it and you don’t even like it — as most people do — when someone looks up to you, or takes cues from you, or calls you their boss. This is probably why people genuinely love you so much. Wednesday and Thursday you are constantly reminded of your star status in your social circle. It’s flattering and yet not weird because, well, you’ve earned it. You’re a good person. This weekend, you can’t help but wonder why a catch like you is still single.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: Your phone rings on Monday or Tuesday and you don’t recognize the number. There’s a part of you that, on principle, doesn’t answer calls like this. But there’s another part of you that really wants to answer it. So you do. And you’re glad you did. Wednesday and Thursday you are inspired by the way people and ideas seem connected in the world and set about to initiate a new something-or-other. Book club? DJ night? Friday through Sunday you’re trying to show someone else how they too can make cool things come about in the world.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: Monday and Tuesday you’re trying to peer into someone’s inner thoughts but, well, it’s not working so well. And every time you ask a leading question, they respond as if they can tell full well you’re asking a leading question. The way you two communicate, you might as well be reading the phone book to one another. Wednesday and Thursday, out of desperation, you run to be with friends who can actually communicate. It’s such a relief. Play it cool Friday through Sunday — restless and weird days.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

WEEK OF MAR 9, 2020: The beautiful part about this thing with you-know-who is that you have no idea what it is or where it’s going. Of course, in your neurotic way, this is what’s driving you bonkers. ‘What are we?’ you keep asking friends. ‘Where’s it going?’ Your good friends are the ones who tell you to calm down. All will be clear soon enough. Enjoy the mystery. Wednesday and Thursday you are able to find the sense of balance that’s been totally eluding you. Friday through Sunday are murky and disorienting but as soon as you begin to think of it as ride it becomes a little fun.