Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – March 15 – 21

Weekly Love Horoscope Overview – March 15 – 21

Aries Weekly Love Horoscope

The week ahead puts a spotlight on your subconscious mind, dreams, and intuition, Aries. It’s time to listen to what your spirit is telling you regarding your romantic life. Whether you are single or attached, you will be receiving messages from the Universe in the form of synchronicities and flashes of insight regarding how you should move forward.

The new moon that occurred just before the onset of this week will still be echoing this one and will likely encourage you to do some deep evaluation about your personal needs and how love is currently functioning in your life.

March 18 will be an especially intense day, as Venus will link in a sextile to Pluto. This aspect will deepen your need for union to an intense level as companionship will be especially important for you now. Use this moment to grow closer with a partner on a profound, intimate level. However, if single, be cautious of this energy, as someone with less-than-obvious intentions may hypnotize you.

Finally, as the twentieth arrives, you will feel a tremendous surge of energy with the sun ignites your zodiac sign. Get ready to use your famous initiative to take the lead in all romantic affairs in the month to come.

Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

Get ready for a magical week in the love department, Taurus. Last week’s new moon in your eleventh house will still be opening doorways to you this week, especially in regards to your social life. This week you could feel the pull to spend more time with your personal acquaintances.

If single, consider who in your network may be more than just a platonic connection depending on chemistry or united interests. Circulating among friends will also be especially auspicious to bump into someone new, even if it’s just a group ZOOM happy hour! Online dating is especially lucky for you now, so if uncertain of how to meet potential suitors, devote plenty of time to it this week to see how your stars align.

Committed Tauruses can share in the social vibration by bringing their partner along for some group fun, which could have you growing closer and laughing at silly events as they unfold. Your ruler, Venus, has been enjoying her swim through your friendship zone and will even link with Pluto on March 18. This sextile will deepen your need for love, intimacy, and companionship to an intense level. Be honest with yourself about your needs so you can adequately communicate to another about them.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

Feel the surge of libido race through you, Gemini. Mighty Mars, the planet of sex and passion, continues to ignite your zodiac sign this week. Now is one of the most important periods within two years to take the lead in all matters of the heart and make sure you move relationship matters in the right direction.

Single Geminis may be able to find great prospective suitors by putting themselves out there and being upfront about what they’re looking for. Committed Geminis can instead initiate plans they wish to attack with their partner. This can also increase your sexual appetite, so make sex a priority with a consensual lover.

Venus, our planet of pleasure, will link in a sextile with Pluto on March 18, increasing your desire for companionship, intimacy, and union to a heightened degree. Grow closer with someone now. However, beware of being seduced by an authority figure! This could leave you intoxicated but intensely conflicted. To end the week, the mighty sun will sizzle into your eleventh house of friendships, promising opportunities to grow your love when socializing or even embark on online dating in the weeks ahead. Fun and pleasure are guaranteed for you, dear Gemini!

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope

With planets harmoniously moving through a fellow water sign this week, you are feeling in your element, Cancer. This should make the flow of life move much more easily for you when it comes to personal matters. You are being supported by a loving Universe and coasting on its waves now. Because of this, it will be much easier for you to improve current relationships or find potential options when looking.

The mighty sun will link in a sextile with Pluto on March 16 while beloved Venus will mirror this aspect on March 18. Pluto has been residing within your seventh house for many years and has been transforming the way you see partnership. As both the sun and Venus bring support to Pluto, you are feeling it easier to connect with others now.

March 18 will intensify your desire for companionship, intimacy, and union to a great degree, allowing for profound connections. Committed Cancers can experience a truly spiritual bond with their significant other as they merge closer than ever before. However, single Crabs must be cautious not to get snagged in a love game with someone who is especially hypnotic. Their seduction may appear irresistible and hard to forget, but harder to forgive if not managed beforehand.

Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

As many planets soar through your eighth house of intimacy, your energy is especially focused on how you merge with others, Leo. Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, will remain across the sky from you highlighting your partnerships until it, too, spins into this eighth house on the fifteenth, too. Whether or not your inner needs and desires are being met by another will come to the surface at this time and with the new moon having appeared in this same sphere just before the onset of this week, you cannot run from the truth any longer.

As the sun links in a sextile with Pluto on March 16 and then Venus echoes this same aspect on the eighteenth, matters are coming to light. However, this will provide you an exceptional opportunity to grow closer than ever before or else find a way to peacefully move toward dissolution.

With Venus and Pluto engaged on March 18, your need for a companion who understands you deeply will become especially intensified. Happy unions can find themselves growing ever closer while unstable ones may find they are ultimately just being unfulfilled. Don’t rush into the arms of someone just because you don’t want to be alone, Leo.

Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

Many planets are stationed across the sky from you this week, Virgo. The new moon that dawned just before the onset of this one will still be highly active now and in the days to come. This opens a doorway for you to grow closer with your significant other, make plans together, or even move in. Some Virgos may choose to discuss engagement or become wed, too!

Our cosmic messenger, Mercury, will bring ease to your communications with a partner from the fifteenth onward as Venus continues to sprinkle peace and pleasure upon them all week, too. Two especially important days this week will be March 16 and March 18. The sun links in a sextile to Pluto on the first date, while Venus mirrors this aspect on the latter.

Pluto, which has been touring your fifth house of romance for many years, is transforming how you express your passion and love. With such happy aspects, you can be assured to find someone with long-term potential if you are single or to grow closer than ever before if you are happily partnered. Use the cosmic energy to combine body, mind, and soul and take your connections to a whole new level, Virgo.

Libra Weekly Love Horoscope

Your week starts off with the moon in your seventh house, Libra. This will turn your attention to your partner and allow you to spend some time peacefully with one another, likely at home. The moon remains here until the fifteenth before spinning off into your eighth house of intimacy, further encouraging you to nest and focus on intimacy until the eighteenth.

Another important aspect for you this week will be when your ruler, Venus, links in a sextile to powerful Pluto on March 18. You will feel a tremendous need for companionship and union, which can have a profound effect on your relationships. Libras in happy connections can use this energy to combine the two of you ever closer—in body, mind, and soul.

However, single Libras must be cautious not to rush into the arms of a random lover who could ultimately have a hypnotic effect upon them. This irresistible connection could be deeply transformative and provide unforgettable experiences, but may also become an addictive and dominating relationship that leaves you scarred.

The week ends with the mighty sun turning a corner to dash into your seventh house of commitment on March 20. In the month ahead, you’ll have a great opportunity to assess your connections, as the light of the sun leaves no corner in darkness.

Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

With so much activity in your fifth house of true love and romance, the stars are aligning all for you, Scorpio! The new moon that took place in this sector just before the onset of our current week will still be active now.

This is one of the most important weeks of the year to set the tone for how you’d like your romantic life to be for the year ahead. Single Scorpios must line up dates with potential suitors. Committed Scorpios may have a great opportunity to grow closer with their significant other, either by bringing the spice and sex back into their connection or even trying for a baby.

With Mercury entering here on the fifteenth and Venus also showering you in gold from the heavens above, improving your love life must be a top priority for you now. The sun will link to Pluto on the sixteenth while Venus will echo this sextile on March 18. This will increase your need for companionship, intimacy, and passion to an intense level. Use this moment to unite with a partner in mind, body, and soul. However, if single, be cautious as you approach new options so you don’t become hypnotized by the seductive schemes of another.

Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

As the moon spins happily through your fifth house at the onset of this week, you’ll be feeling emotionally invested in your love life, Sagittarius. This is a great time to face your feelings and express your passion. The moon will spin onward and eventually cross your seventh house at the end of the week—from the nineteenth onward—further encouraging you to discuss where you stand one-on-one.

Goddess of pleasure, Venus, will link in a sultry sextile to powerhouse Pluto on March 18, intensifying desires and passions. Your need for companionship and intimacy will become heightened to a magnificent degree, as if demanding you unite with another in body, mind, and soul. This can have a profound connection on existing relationships as you can take your connection to a much deeper level and enjoy sex much more.

Yet, if you are single, be cautious not to rush into the arms of just anyone, as the relationship could end up being karmic in nature and ultimately transform you—for better or worse. This new individual could have a hypnotic effect on you, as if enchanting you into an addiction. The week ends as the sun sizzles into your fifth house on March 20, ensuring an exciting month to come.

Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Welcome to a week with profound romantic possibility, Capricorn. From March 16 to the eighteenth, the moon will glide through your fifth house of romance, encouraging you to face your feelings regarding dating or matters of passion. Allow yourself to be sensitive and sensual. Single Capricorns may be up for a shocking realization about their feelings, particularly earlier on as the moon unites with Uranus.

Also, as Venus dances throughout your third house of communication this week, you may have just the right words to speak or write to get your way. Leave love notes or sweet messages for the one you have your heart set upon. Venus will link in a sextile with powerhouse Pluto in your zodiac sign on March 18, affecting your relationships in profound ways.

Your need for companionship, intimacy, and union will be heightened to intense levels. Happy relationships will be able to grow ever closer in body, mind, and spirit. However, if single, be cautious not to rush into the arms or bed of someone who seems to have all the right words. While the chemistry may feel absolutely irresistible, you may be welcoming in a new addiction rather than true love. Tread lightly.

Aquarius Weekly Love Horoscope

After weeks upon weeks of harboring our cosmic messenger, Mercury, in your zodiac sign, you have just one more day with him, Aquarius. The newfound clarity that you have worked hard to find can be utilized to take the lead in all matters of the heart. Say what you feel and what you mean on the fourteenth before he prances onward.

Also, with mighty Mars, the planet of sex and passion, igniting your fifth house of romance and dating all week, you must make your love life a top priority. Mars only tours this arena once every two years so it is vital to not let even one day go to waste! Use this energy to reignite your spark with a significant other, pursue a fertility matter, or charge after new options if single.

Venus links in a sextile with powerhouse Pluto on March 18, intensifying your need for companionship and intimacy. Dig deep into your soul to merge with another in a profound way, which may even bring you to greater physical ecstasy, too. However, single Aquarians must be vigilant not to fall under the hypnotic spell of a new suitor now, as the chemistry could feel irresistible initially but leave you scarred in the end.

Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Enjoy one final week of birthday season, Pisces. With the sun in your zodiac sign until the twentieth, you are a powerful beacon of light. Also, with goddess, Venus, bringing grace, charm, and radiance to you, it is especially important to focus on updating your look. Buy new clothes, freshen up your hair, or even beautify your home.

Last week’s new moon in your zodiac sign will continue to open doorways to you now, so if love is important to you, be sure to make it a priority immediately. Single Pisceans should have good luck to attract new options while committed ones can feel more sensuality and sensitivity in their rapport.

The sun will link in a sextile to powerhouse Pluto on March 16 while Venus will mirror this aspect on March 18. You will hear from friends at this time and may have an opportunity to attend a memorable event. Single Pisceans could suddenly have great luck dating through their network or even by trying out online apps. If committed, bring your partner out for a fun time with acquaintances and you’ll enjoy the closer vibration that resonates between you. Romance is here, Pisces, so make it last.